• Ground.vu is now GeoCam

GeoCam provides aerial, street, and property level mapping services using our proprietary camera and image-based Machine learning technology.

Task Us

Our teams can fly, drive, and walk any area of interest providing high resolution aerial, street, and property level imagery in support of the 3d GIS data model.

Aerial Imagery

Access high resolution ortho imagery, Digital Surface Model, Point Cloud, and Textured Mesh data. Urban scale models, Buildings and Rooftops, Vegetation Canopy Analysis, and GIS data layers.

Streetscape Imagery

From our 360 camera systems we provide 360 imagery, Point Cloud, and Textured Mesh data. Public Works Assets, Transportation Assets / Road Markings, Utility Network Assets, and many more.

Property & Indoor

Our system provide seamless outdoor – indoor data collection, even in GNSS denied areas. Floor plans, As-builts, Indoor Routing and Navigation, and many other data models.


Government Public Works

High Resolution Aerial Mapping ready to consume in our GeoCam, ArcGIS, and other systems. Perform high accuracy mapping of your Public Works assets.

Electric & Gas Utility

3D Utility Network Data Models, Engineering CAD Models, Vegetation Encroachment, and Storm Response/Damage Assessment.

Wireless & Wired Utility

3D urban modeling for microwave line of sign analysis, macro/small cell RF propagation modeling, and aerial fiber mapping.

Emergency Response

Rapid aerial and street imagery services, enabling remote inspections and assessments. Deploy us in support of your disaster response needs.


“Access to imagery gives us the power to make an accurate claims decision faster than ever before. Our objective is to ensure that our members who have been hit by a catastrophe get back on their feet as soon as possible,” Abbey May, Strategic Innovation Director, Claims Innovation, P&C Insurance Group, USAA. Learn more.


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We’re building a network of trusted pilots and drivers, ready to collect imagery and map data for your projects anywhere in the world.